October 2010


Dear Faithful Next Act Patrons,


Thank you for your support over the years. Your generous patronage has made Next Act unique and strong among
its peers.


Now were taking the biggest, boldest step in our history launching this $950,000 capital campaign to finance the Journey Home. And to get there, were going to need everyone.


  • Our board of directors is leading the way with $154,500 in pledges and gifts.
  • Generous individuals many former board members have committed an additional $381,900.
  • There are outstanding proposals yet to be answered that could yield about $200,000.
  • And super-patrons David and Julia Uihlein have challenged us all to raise $850,000 by this December 31st, because they want to add the last $100,000 to finish the job.


Heres where you come in. You, our Faithful Patrons, will make the ultimate difference. If 600 households contribute an average $250 gift, we will make the targeted $150,000 goal and meet David and Julias challenge. We know some of you can and will give more. Others will stretch and give as much as you can. But the key is participation: with many hands, well make light work of this.


Imagine how wonderful it will be to help create Next Acts permanent home this new theatre for the community. Then, please consider carefully, and give as much as you can.


But time is short to meet the Uihlein challenge and start construction in January.


If youre convinced you want to help, please make your gift now by returning this pledge form. Rest assured that any amount you give is needed and greatly appreciated. If you would like more information or have questions, please feel free to call us any time.


Thank you for your consideration and support.
Best regards,


David CecsariniCharles Kakuk
NAT Producing Artistic DirectorNAT Managing Director


P.S. Our patrons represent the heart and soul of Next Act Theatre. Your participation really will make the difference.


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Total Money Needed: $950,000
Total Funds Raised $1,067,682  - 111%
Thank you for your support!